Updated versions of the WysiwygPlugin and TinyMCEPlugin have been released to the Foswiki Extensions web. This update adds a couple of minor enhancements and addresses several issues reported with WYSIWYG editing since the release of 1.1.5.

Update: This version does not work with perl older than 5.10.
Update 2:  Version 1.1.12 of WysiwygPlugin fixes the perl compatibility issues and resolves a but where certain links were corrupted.

  • TinyMCE Editor is upgraded to Release 3.4.9
  • The editor can now view and edit blocks marked with the foswikiHidden class
  • Loss of whitespace in the edited topic  has been resolved.
  • Improvements  in link handling.  All wiki links are editable as true HTML links in TinyMCE.
  • Colors implemented using the new 1.1.5  foswiki CSS are now recognized

There are several other bug fixes and enhancements.   Details are in the WysiwygPlugin and TinyMCEPlugin topics.  The new extensions are both now installed on foswiki.org.

New WysiwgyPlugin and TinyMCEPlugin released