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The bridge plugin
Building a plugin and application to record and practice bridge hands

23 Nov 2017 | Bram van Oosterhout | 1 | Development, Extensions

I learned to play bridge about a year ago. To help the practicing of my bidding and playing I have written a plugin and a wiki application. This post talks about the decisions I made along the way. I hope it will help others to create and publish applications.

Dear Foswiki, all the best to you for your 9th anniversary.


Foswiki on FOSDEM 2018
joint stand application together with wikis-oriented communities

08 Nov 2017 | Michael Daum | Event, Promo | , , , , ,

We are invited to join the wiki related booth at the FOSDEM 2018 together with TikiWiki, XWiki and DokuWiki. This is a great opportunity to meet people working in this area and chat about wikis in general as well as compare the different Open Source engines out there. I am particularly looking forward to meet the guys from the WikiFest 2010 & 2011 that took place in Berlin. Really long time - no see.

While the FOSDEM itself takes place Saturday & Sunday, we are planning to have a coming together Friday night at Jean-Marc's airbnb appartment.

For more details have a look at:

Foswiki advocacy video at TPC 2017
My first ever attempt to make a speech in English and it's all about Foswiki.

25 Sep 2017 | VadimBelman | Event | , ,

I tried to fit both Foswiki advocacy and invitation for developers to join Foswiki team into 5 minutes of a lightning talk. Not very successful though. The plan is to repeat next year as a registered speaker.

The Foswiki project is very pleased to announce availability of Foswiki 2.1.4.

Everybody is urged to upgrade as this one comes with 31 fixes and also addresses a couple of security related fixes. We thank the many Foswiki users who have taken the time to report issues in our Tasks tracker, and in many cases also suggest fixes. People are welcome to fork Foswiki on Github and contribute fixes using pull requests. We are grateful to everyone who's contributions have made this release possible.

FoswikisLatest 32.png

How to get the release?

Installation instructions

For installation information, see the System Requirements and the Installation Guide. Please report issues in the Task Tracker. We are looking forward to an interesting 2017 in the Foswiki space. There are several feature proposals under review which could be quite transforming for the next major Foswiki release.

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