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Foswiki 2.1.6 Security Update

02 Mar 2018 | George Clark | Release, Security

We are very pleased to announce the availability of Foswiki 2.1.6.

This release addresses a significant security issue we discovered in Foswiki 1.1.0 - 2.1.5, where under some conditions the User Registration topic can be compromised. During review we tightened up a couple of additional security concerns.

Upgrade to Foswiki 2.1.6 is highly recommended.

FoswikisLatest 1.png
Welcome everybody to 2018! We start the year with another patch level release of the 2.1 series: 2.1.5 comes with 48 fixes and enhancements, 19 extensions have been updated. Most importantly, we fixed installing Foswiki on a Windows server.

Thank you to the community that has been working hard on this project.

Foswiki 2.1.5 Beta2 Ready for Testing
Get the new release while it's hot! Now running on

19 Dec 2017 | GeorgeClark | Development, Release |

We are pleased to announce that Foswiki 2.1.5 Beta 2 is ready for testing! Beta 1 was only out for a day and we discovered a compatibility issue with the NatSkin while writing this blog entry. It's been fixed, and Beta 2 is ready.

Highlights of this release

  • Contains 43 fixes relative to 2.1.4, 5 of which are enhancements.
  • Corrects a major issue that prevented Foswiki from being hosted on a Windows server
  • Corrects an issue where Excel is unable to open a Foswiki page that required authentication.
  • Corrects an issue where some formfields would reset to default when special characters are in the selection.
  • Corrects some display / layout issues in tables, and the NatEdit window.

The bridge plugin
Building a plugin and application to record and practice bridge hands

23 Nov 2017 | Bram van Oosterhout | 1 | Development, Extensions

I learned to play bridge about a year ago. To help the practicing of my bidding and playing I have written a plugin and a wiki application. This post talks about the decisions I made along the way. I hope it will help others to create and publish applications.

Dear Foswiki, all the best to you for your 9th anniversary.


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