Foswiki 2.1.5 Beta2 Ready for Testing
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We are pleased to announce that Foswiki 2.1.5 Beta 2 is ready for testing! Beta 1 was only out for a day and we discovered a compatibility issue with the NatSkin while writing this blog entry. It's been fixed, and Beta 2 is ready.

Highlights of this release

  • Contains 43 fixes relative to 2.1.4, 5 of which are enhancements.
  • Corrects a major issue that prevented Foswiki from being hosted on a Windows server
  • Corrects an issue where Excel is unable to open a Foswiki page that required authentication.
  • Corrects an issue where some formfields would reset to default when special characters are in the selection.
  • Corrects some display / layout issues in tables, and the NatEdit window.

For administrators

  • Several cosmetic configure issues resolved.
  • UpdatesPlugin was failing to show the extensions needing update.
  • Correct broken ScriptURL when the Forwarded header contains a list of proxies.
  • Init scripts are now included for FreeBSD systems.

As of this release, 23 languages have some translations, however the following are mostly complete:

Language % translated
Czech 94%
Danish 99%
German 97%
French 99%
Italian 100%
Klingon 97%
Ukrainian 100%
For more details on translation status, TranslationTeam and Foswiki’s Weblate translation server. Foswiki is now using continuous translation, so contributions at any time are very helpful. Foswiki thanks the Translators for their Herculean efforts.

If you are interesting in helping with the translation, please contact

For the complete list of enhancements and bug fixes, see Release Notes 02×01.

For installation information, see the System Requirements and the Installation Guide.

Please report issues on the task tracker.

We are looking forward to an interesting year 2018 in the Foswiki space. There are several feature proposals under review which could be quite transforming for the next major Foswiki release.

See the complete release notes for all details.
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