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Foswiki is now over 3 years old, and its still an extremely active project: Congratulations and thankyou!

The Foswiki Association's Board has just elected the new Office holders: As the new chairman, I hope to continue the great work that Crawford did in guiding our foundation so far, and take the opportunity I have to thank Kenneth for the work he did the last 2 years, and for the experience he has passed on to the Board in general.

For 2012, I have suggested that we work on improving our communications both within our community and towards the outside world - for example by developing more microblogging tools like the Extension News, and then creating a regular newsletter from those feeds. Given that foswiki is a do-ocracy, that means I just volunteered myself to building some more tools for, and then to write newsletters.

In case you're still reading this, the Board has a question for you - we now have 1,385 euros in the bank, is there anything we could use this money for that would positively impact on the community, its growth and visibility?

Have a happy and productive 2012 smile

Happy Birthday Foswiki!

29 Oct 2009 | Andrew Jones | Misc | ,
This week, Foswiki has turned One!

Foswiki was started as a fork on the 27 October 2008. A year later and the Foswiki project is still going strong. We have now had well over 5,000 commits to our Subversion repository from nearly 60 active developers.

That's not all, as of today there are 217 quality Extensions available to download that modify and enhance Foswiki, interface with other systems, and much more.

There is still much more to come from Foswiki, with some great work going into the 1.1 release and yet more upcoming extensions. This is only the beginning, and with the help of the community Foswiki will continue to be a success for many years to come.

Why not help us celebrate our birthday by joining us at our first Foswiki Summit next month? Its a great opportunity to shape the future of Foswiki. If you can't be there in person there will also be opportunities to join in virtually.

Congratulations to Foswiki and the hard work of the community over the last year.

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New Foswiki server

24 Aug 2009 | kmartens | Development, Misc | ,
When Foswiki emerged from the ashes of the TW*ki (TM) project, server infrastructure was needed in a hurry. At that time, I happened to have available a brand new server. Bought by a customer, but no immediate deployment plans. lived happily on that server for months. However, recently the server was reclaimed by the customer and had to move. This weekend I configured and installed the new server, and I must say: i'm happy with the result.


Although providing less CPU power (a quad core Xeon CPU at 2.00GHz), the new server surpasses the previous one on disk-I/O: with 4 250GB 7200RPM SATA-II disks each with 8MB cache, a RAID 1+0 setup gives us 500GB of fast storage. The decrease in CPU power is insignificant against this improvement in I/O-throughput; foswiki is I/O-bound in nature, not CPU-bound. This also goes for the subversion repository. By the way, the server has 6GB of memory.

The new server was paid for by my company, Sonologic. I hope to recover some of the investment by donations from the community, and so far 5 people have pledged an amount already (covering about a third of the cost). Colocation and bandwidth is provided free of charge to the project.


The server capacity more than suffices for the task at hand (hosting and the subversion repository), but plans are in place to distribute the load among multiple servers. On the one hand we want to distribute web page requests for the wiki geographically, with multiple servers distributed around the globe. On the other hand, whereas now all services run on one server, in the future (near-future I hope) this might prove to be too much. At that point, we will have to move the subversion repository, for example, to another server.

But that is all in the future. For now, the Foswiki community can be happy with having their own server. I want to thank the foundation for hosting the Foswiki community up until now, giving us time to sort things out!

Mystic development migrates to Foswiki

05 May 2009 | Andrew Lombardi | Misc
At Mystic, we've been using an install of TWiki 4 for more than 18 months.  We've also started to heavily use more of the features available in the product, and became increasingly frustrated with the apparent lack of community as of late.  Our company does a lot of communication through IRC, and while we got some support, it was essentially a one-man show.  The tubes must have been listening, because right about the time I was ready to abandon all hope, I received a twitter follow from @Foswiki.

Intrigued, I looked at the linked website in their profile, and it looked … like … TWiki?  How could this be?  It looked "pleasant".  It didn't look like a rats nest of links thrown on a page, but yet, there were TWiki-like controls.  After reading the schism due to the anointed-ones status back in October of last year, it all started to make sense.  And visiting their IRC channel on Freenode, I started to see, an actual community, and found out where all the best TWiki developers went.

After a little bit of time reading the easy migration guide, the wiki's we use at Mystic are all moved over to Foswiki.  And because of the community-feel we've been seeing, are looking to develop some custom plugins for our needs.  The future looks bright for this wiki built with a strong community in place.

The Foswiki community and another wiki project are joining forces to release a new collaboration tool, FunWiki. "There has been a disturbing lack of fun with wiki tools," said By-my Prahduhct, senior VP of VayPoorWare Marketing, the developer of [Ed.: you have no developers!] lead contributor to[Ed.: what contributions?] visionary behind [Ed.: in your dreams!] chief marketeer [Ed.: ha ha, like anyone believes your word] product manager [Ed.: OK, that sounds right] of FunWiki. "It's time to make wikis fun again!"

FunWiki fulfills a long-standing gap in collaboration software: automated directed humour injection technology. Each wiki page can have a "Fun" quotient assigned: as the level is increased, a greater amount of directed humour is automatically inserted into the page text. "Our patent-pending algorithms parse the text and determine appropriate humourous content to be inserted," said Prahduhct. "Different plugins allow the content to be rendered as full anecdotes, short jokes, parenthetical asides, funny sketches, and smileys. We are currently developing an extension to render the injected humour as links to appropriately themed YouTube videos."

When asked about difficulties in reaching a détente with the other wiki project, Prahduhct responded, "It's a natural direction for us to take: we have experienced developers, and they have the letters 'T' and 'M' that we need to spell 'humour injection technology'. It's a win-win!"

FunWiki's future plans include automated emotional context derivation injection, which will break the three-character emoticon barrier and allow more complex emotions requiring four or more characters to be inserted, and topical calendar-sensitive image injection, which will automatically add images appropriate for the subject matter and season, such as a March hare, or an April fish.

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