Release of Foswiki version 1.0.5, 25 Apr 2009

On behalf of the entire Foswiki community I can proudly announce the release of the Foswiki patch release 1.0.5

Foswiki 1.0.5 is available for download at the following locations

* Foswiki web site:

Since the January release of 1.0.0 more than 120 additional bugs have been fixed.

This release includes further security improvements, and it is highly recommended to upgrade your Foswiki to 1.0.5.  The regular releases of our stable release line send a clear message to all companies interested in a stable enterprise wiki that the community behind Foswiki has a strong commitment to quality, stability, and security.

Since we forked, Foswiki contributors have fixed around 330 bugs, and contributed hundreds more fixes and improvement to non-core extensions.

Since 1.0.4 even more plugins and other extensions have been made available in native Foswiki versions that have been refreshed and tested and often enhanced. Still more are added every day. The number of subversion code checkins has passed 3700 now.

Foswiki is a growing community, with more than 30 professional developers contributing regularly to the project, and many more contributors helping with testing, document writing, and customer support.

The regular version (Foswiki-1.0.5…) is the full revision with all files. The upgrade version (Foswiki-upgrade-1.0.5…) contains all files except the files that you will typically have tailored in your installation and do not want overwritten when you upgrade. The upgrade package will upgrade 1.0.0 or 1.0.4 to 1.0.5 simply by copying all the files in the upgrade package on top of the existing 1.0.0/1.0.4. The exact steps are described on the download page.
If you are at 1.0.0 there is no need to upgrade to 1.0.4 first.

As release manager on the project I would like to express sincere thanks to all that have worked hard on this release.

If you maintain active installations of Foswiki, you should regularly visit where you will find descriptions of significant bugs and workarounds that can be used until the next release.

There are many developers that are ready to help you with the installation of (or upgrade to) Foswiki on the IRC channel #foswiki on the network.

The specialized packages for automatic installation on various operating systems and the pre-packaged virtual machine instances will be updated to version 1.0.5 within the next few days.  Keep an eye on the download page if you use one of these versions.

On behalf of the Foswiki community
Enjoy Foswiki 1.0.5

Kenneth Lavrsen
Release manager

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