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Foswiki Patch Release 1.1.10

24 Nov 2015 | George Clark | Development, Release, Support
Hello Foswiki Community,

We are very pleased to announce that Foswiki 1.1.10 is available for download.

This is a maintenance release for those of you that are still running a 1.1.x Foswiki engine and are unable to proceed with an upgrade to Foswiki 2.0 at this time. Our latest & greatest and recommended release still is Foswiki 2.0.3, which we released on November 16th.

However, as things move forward, we thought you might enjoy some of the features and benefits backported to the 1.1.x platform in the form of this release. This is especially important if you are facing plugin upgrades for a Foswiki-1.1.x engine. Extensions that take advantage of the new features introduced during the 2.0 development cycle will be incompatible with Foswiki-1.1.9 and older. This release will help you keep them running on the Foswiki-1.1.x engine.

This release is also critical for any sites facing a server platform upgrade. Several Perl features and CPAN module changes released over the past couple of years are completely incompatible with Foswiki-1.1.x releases. Foswiki-1.1.10. Foswiki should be upgraded to Foswiki-1.1.10 or Foswiki-2.0.3 before any updates to Perl or CPAN modules.

Note that Foswiki 1.1.10 will be the last maintenance release of this series. The community is now focusing on future features for the upcoming Foswiki 2.1.0 release, while still bug-fixing the 2.0.x branch.

Highlights of this release

  • Compatibility with Foswiki 2.0 extensions
  • Compatibility with new Perl and CPAN releases.
Foswiki 1.1.10 is a compatibility release for sites unable to upgrade to Foswiki 2.0. It contains fixes for Perl and CPAN compatibility issues that can arise after a system upgrade. It has been tested with perl versions 5.8.8 thru 5.23. It also contains backports of a small number of important Foswiki 2.0 features necessary for compatibility with extensions released for Foswiki 2.0. This release refreshes all default extensions to the version shipped with Foswiki 2.0, with the exception of TopicUserMappingContrib and PatternSkin. The new version of these extensions are not compatible with Foswiki 1.1.

Foswiki 1.1.10 does not contain fixes for most of the security issues fixed in the Foswiki 2.0.x releases. Upgrade to the latest Foswiki 2.0 release is strongly recommended.

Here are the complete release notes.

ACL Changes

Foswiki 1.1.10 backports the new wildcard ACL. ALLOW and DENY rules can now be set to “*” asterisk, which means always match. In Foswiki 2.0, this is used to deprecate the old “Empty” deny rule. Foswiki 1.1.10 still supports the empty deny rules, but also supports the “ALLOW *” for allow all.

Including this feature in the Foswiki 1.1 engine allows sites to begin migration activity on Foswiki 1.1 before the actual migration to Foswiki 2.0. It allows new extensions to ship with the new style ACLs and remain Foswiki 1.1 compatible.

SpreadSheetPlugin changes

The CALC and CALCULATE macros now encode < and > as entities, which prevents some paths used to insert script tags. If your user’s topics require CALC or CALCULATE to generate HTML, then you must enable the following setting:


This setting can be set in the topic, web, user or site preferences.

Translation status

As of this release,
  • Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Ukrainian are 99%+ complete.
  • Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil) are 70-90% complete.
  • Other languages are 60% complete or lower.
Special thanks to all the developers, translators and testers who have worked to make this release possible.

George Clark
Release Manager, Foswiki 1.1.10

The Foswiki community summit last year was a big success. A lot of participants founded an association and had a lot of fun. Some of them talked to me on the camera. Hear and see what they had to say about foswiki:

When I heard Crawford Currie say
"The beauty of open source software is choice."
I finally understood, why it is not that bad, that installing and configuring Foswiki sometimes seems hard for novices. But as you can choose between so much features and directions in Foswiki communication and guidance is important for new users. We offer preconfigured virtual machines for a first test in our download section. But as soon as you natively install Foswiki on your server you want to talk to somebody.

Foswiki offers multiple approaches to get help with the software:
  1. You can use our live Chat over IRC. You do not need any technical skills. Chatting works over the browser.
  2. You can call one of our skilled consultants, who will walk you through the whole wiki project with ease. These services are provided for money in most cases. big grin
  3. You can ask a question over Twitter to our user @foswiki.
  4. Or you can send us an email and get your answer via mail.
Contact us via email through our Mailing lists

This mail contact over our Foswiki mailing lists on SourceForge should be the main issue of this blog post. If you send an email to it will be forwarded to all active list members and they will discuss it with you. It is a public discussion list.


At you can find a web based forum application for our Foswiki-mailing list, that also gives access to this mailing list. You can use the web front end or subscribe to a RSS feed for new threads or a RSS feed for new messages.

Add your picture to the Nabble-online forum now!


If you are a regular poster on the mailing list, please help new Foswiki users to get a better impression of our community by providing your own picture in the Nabble-forum-software by registering there. Thank you!

And if you are new to Foswiki:
Do not forget, that we care about you and your problems. Choose any channel and ask whatever you want. We will help you!

00000378.png Foswiki would like to win this year's SourceForge Community Choice award. Will you help with your vote? (Choose last category) -

The awards program allows the community to recognize open source software projects that are built with the highest quality, creativity and ingenuity.

"These awards showcase innovators who work together to create something new and fantastic," said Ross Turk, SourceForge Director of Community. "Unlike most award programs, we don't have a panel of experts choosing our finalists because we want the open source community to tell us, first hand, what the most exciting projects are. That's why we need your nominations!"

Nominations will be accepted until May 29th, and the ten projects with the most nominations in each category will become finalists.
It does not take more than 30 seconds: 1. Open the link 2. Choose last cateogory "Change everything" 3. Type in your mail address 4. Confirm mail address from your mail account
Thanks for supporting this effort. Click here to support Foswiki now.

Foswiki twitters!

03 May 2009 | Martin Seibert | Support | , , , , ,
Hi Twitter-fans,

Twitter-buzz from Foswiki is ahead! We just revamped our Foswiki-Twitter-user to connect better with other Foswiki-users on twitter and to give better status updates on Twitter. Basically we added a couple additional RSS-feeds via Twitterfeed. That will lead to even more traffic on our Foswiki-account at Twitter. wink

What we do with our twitter-account:
  • We tweet every single commit in our SVN-system.
  • We tweet every blog post in the official Foswiki-Weblog.
  • We tweet every change on's wiki.
  • We follow everybody, that follows us (via TwitterMass).
  • We follow everybody, that tweets about Foswiki oder TWiki (via TwitterMass).
  • We follow everybody, that tweets about "wiki" and "re"-follows us within 4 days (via TwitterMass).
  • We integrate alle Foswiki-Tweets on the

If errors occur please tell us in the comments. He will be happy to help. Please note, that the Foswiki user is not based an human acitivity yet. It might be, that we have trouble with replying and adding you as a follower. But we plan to do it regularly.

What we still need:
  • A decent background for our Twitter user?
  • A stream of tweets on
Any comments or ideas how to improve that? We are looking forward to your feedback.

By the way: The growing community of Foswiki-lovers would like to warmly welcome you as a contributor for the open-source-enterprise wiki. Wanna know how? See our " How you can help" page. Why not register today on and automatically create another tweet on Twitter. big grin

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